How To Get Mobile Legends Unlimited Diamonds in 2020

Now you can easily generate unlimited mobile legends free diamonds and free battle points no survey. Mobile legends hack free battle points. Mobile legends free diamonds is a MOBA-based game for mobile gadgets and like most rounds of this class, you can do likewise here.

You are just one step away to get mobile legends free diamonds, There are many things that matters is that you can play this game on a mobile gadget. It is one of the most messed around as far as applications for mobile.

Get Unlimited Mobile Legends Free Diamonds

Wanna know how to gain Diamonds in the game? Did you know there are ways you can procure them without going through cash? Peruse this manual for discover.

With the goal that you can join your companions in the 5v5 battle framework. You can utilize a few legends that offer distinctive game methods of various jobs and manufacture your group to arrive at the highest point of the class. To analyze this game in MOBA Legends.

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Live Streaming

One way to get the first Diamonds for free is to do Live Streaming. Mobile Legends features Live Stream where you can watch other people’s games in real time. Mobile legends free diamonds

By watching the live stream, you can give Diamonds directly. Amount of subsidy from: Flower: 2 diamond jewels: 6 Diamond Roadster: 250 Diamond Yacht: 1000 Diamond Airplane: 5000 Diamond When you enable the Live Stream feature, it is likely that people who love your game will give you free Diamonds.

Take the Tournament

Next is to follow a tournament. When this article was created, Moonton, as developer of the game Mobile Legends, has a tournament that you and your team can follow. For example, on the Diamond Challenge competition in the Philippines, you can win the following prizes:

  • Champion: $1,500 + 5,000 Diamonds per player
  • 2nd Place: $800 + 3,000 Diamonds per player
  • 3rd Place: $500 + 2,000 Diamonds per player
  • 4th Place: $200 + 1,000 Diamonds per player
  • 5-8th Place: 500 Diamonds per player

If you think you and your team are talented enough to compete in your local tournament, give the Mobile Legends: Diamond Challenge series a shot!

The amount of prizes is quite large, among others: Squadron Winner: 50,000 Diamond per member 2nd place: 30,0000 Diamond per member 3rd and 4th place: 15,000 Diamond per member 5th place: 8: 10,000 Diamond per member Following and winning a tournament, of course you can get free Diamonds.

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Recharge / Top-Up To Get Mobile Legends Free Diamonds

Finally, the fastest but expensive method is to just buy them from the shop.
Just think of it as a way of showing support to the Mobile Legends developers for making such an amazing and enjoyable game!
You can collect Battle Points in Daily Rewards up to four times. There are four tiers, each awarding cumulative amounts of Battle Points.

Tier 1 – 30 Battle Points
Tier 2 – 40 Battle Points
Tier 3 – 60 Battle Points
Tier 4 – 100 Battle Points

Through the impulse production application

Last is to use one of the impulse-generating applications. A lot of websites already shared a variety of applications that you can use to get free credit. One of the best is the application of Gumsup, you can earn free diamonds in mobile legends, you only must install the app in your mobile and do the tasks that they ask.

Join ML Tournaments

The second method is competing in official Mobile Legends Tournaments. Moonton usually hosts Mobile Legends: Diamond Challenge Series competitions where you can gain thousands of Diamonds and cash!

Always Check Your Mail To Get Mobile Legends Free Diamonds

You see, the mail isn’t just a place where news, updates, announcements, and player reports are gathered. At some moments, the game system and the developers send gifts and rewards through the mail.

Have you noticed the ‘Claim All’ button on the lower right side of the mail window? It’s the button that allows you to claim all unclaimed gifts and rewards instantly. Gifts and rewards can come from new updates, maintenance news, game remunerations, season rewards, and high credit score gratuities.

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Explore the Events Hall

The Events Hall has a lot to offer. From a multitude of special tasks to various forms of events, the whole hall is very volatile and dynamic every week.

Tasks range from playing games with friends to answering pop quizzes about the game. Events include drawing lots for prizes or winning games for special items that you can exchange for prizes like BP Cards and Battle Points.

Unlock Achievements

There are lots of achievements that be garnered in Mobile Legends. And the good thing about them is—they don’t just exists only to be called Bragging Rights.

All achievements in Mobile Legends have rewards! The rewards could be Battle Points, Fragments, Magic Dusts, or Emblems.

Clear Daily Weekly Quest

Below the Free Chest and Medal Chest buttons is the Daily Quest rewards. Once you reach a certain amount of Daily Activity points, you’ll gain 30, 40, 60 and 100 Battle Points. You also have a Weekly Activity Score that gives up to 500 Battle Points once it reaches 400 and 800 points for that week.

Try the Lucky Spin To Get Mobile Legends Diamonds

Try your luck out at the Lucky Spin at the Shop to get a chance to win 300 Battle Points. You can try your lucky spin to get mobile legends free battle points and diamonds.

Claim Rewards from Mail

This one is very simple. From time to time Mobile Legends will send you mail rewards or compensations events, good credit scores, or as apology for in-game issues.

If you do get mail, click on the Mail icon on the upper right and select “Claim All” to make sure you automatically get all the rewards. Some of these rewards will give you Battle Points.

Avoid Upgrading All Emblem Sets

This is more of a “saving Battle Points” than earning BP tip. Most players upgrade any kind of Emblem set once it’s ready to upgrade. But how many of those Emblems do you actually use. Mobile legends free diamonds

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